Readings by Angel 


Readings Sessions Services 

Tarot Cards, Angel Cards & Oracle Cards Full Deck & Half Deck Available.

This Reading offers Answers to the most challenging or simple questions you may be questioning.

  • Tarot Card Half Deck  $50.00

  • Tarot Card Full Deck  $80.00

  • Angel Card Half Deck $60.00

  • Angel Card Full Deck  $90.00

  • Oracle Card Half Deck  $40.00

  • Oracle Card Full Deck  $70.00

Soulmate/Twinflame Reading. 

Emotional energy is contagious it can make the difference between a toxic and healthy relationship. 

This Reading offers Clarity & Guidance on Relationships.

  • 30 Mins $70.00

  • 60 Mins $90.00

Energy Chakra

Charka is Energy that should stay open and aligned,

as they correspond to bundles of nerves, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being.

This Reading offers evaluation of all of the 7 Chakras. 

  • $95.00

Palm Reading.

Palmistry This Reading offers analyzing of the physical features of the hands to interpret personality characteristics and predict future happenings.

Within palm reading, hands are considered portals that shed invaluable insight.

  • Single Palm $45.00

  • Both Palms $75.00

Full Life Reading.

This Reading offers past, present and future. includes Soulmate & Career 

  • $85.00

Past Life Regression 

Past life regression our past lives can continue to have repercussions on our current life, though the memories are deeply buried.

This Reading offers guidance, structure & balance.

Whether you are trying to get in touch with your past self or move forward and grow from your past self and transition into a new self growth journey.

Let go of any negative influences that are preventing you from moving forward. 

  • $85.00

Crystal Healing & Spiritual Research.

Guidance on choosing the right Crystals for you and what they can do to enhance your life

- Calmness & Peace.

Meditation practices -Interpreting hidden messages associated with numerology, colors, dreams, etc. 

  • $500.00 & Up 

Meditation Sessions. 

This service offers meditation only. with the use of Sage, Crystals, Candles & Insense. 

These can be a one time service or can be as frequent as you'd like.

  • Manifestation + Clearing

  • Release + Gaining

  • Intuition booster + Chakra clearing

  • $150.00 & Up

Building Intuitive Skills.

This is offering a course of Sessions that can be up to 6-8 weeks.

Helping you to enhance your intuition

-Blocking others negative energies while you work on yourself -

Interpreting and building upon your own gifts and intuitive skills. 

  • $500.00 & Up

Cleansing & Removals.

This service will be in sessions for up to 6-8 weeks or more or less depending on the assessment. 

  • $500.00 & Up

Chakra Balancing.

ESP (Extrasensory Perception) refers to my ability to perceive your mental and spiritual energy.

I am naturally more sensitive to these energies than most people.

Additionally, my skills enable me to distinguish between positive and negative energy.

Chakra balancing is a form of energy manipulation in which I adjust the flow of energy within your body to remove blockages and restore equilibrium.

  • $500.00 & Up

Dream Interpretation.

Dream interpretation is considered a powerful tool for accessing the unconscious and finding meaning and guidance in the spiritual realm.

Your ego self is at rest while your physical body sleeps. Because your guard is down, you are more likely to accept an experience in a dream that doesn’t adhere to your expectations of reality or logic.

This makes dreams ideal to receive messages from Spirit, passed loved ones and your higher self.

Dreams have limitless means to reveal messages to you, there is also no end as to what you can discover and resolve within yourself.

Whether you are experiencing recurring dreams, nightmares, visitation dreams, or any other vision during sleep that you can’t stop thinking about, I can help you decipher dream messages your higher self wants you to receive.

  • $95.00